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Re-blog: Day on the farm!

Jewel Devorawood // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Mosaic Staff Reporter Camille Debreczeny, right, interviews Farmer Dan, left, of YummyTummy farms.


By Camille Debreczeny// Mosaic Staff Writer

Today I’m blogging about someone who blogged about me yesterday.  Pretty cool, huh?

On Thursday, Jewel and I visited Yummy Tummy Farms, which is actually just the home of a financial analyst named Donald Sturman.  In his free time, he calls himself “Farmer Donald” and uses his quarter-acre yard to grow fruits and vegetables.

He was overflowing with enthusiasm about farming.  We spent over an hour touring his garden and listening to his ideas about things like “biodynamic farming principles,” “self sustainability” and “reclaiming domesticity.”  He was very warm and friendly, and even pulled up a few of his homegrown carrots for us to taste.

When I revisited Farmer Donald’s blog today before starting to type up his story, I noticed an entry called “Yummy Tummy Farms in the Media.”  It was all about our visit!

He identified Jewel and me as “a reporter and a photographer from the San Jose Mercury News.”  For some reason my first reaction was, “Oh no, a real reporter already did my story…”  But as I read through the post it dawned on me that he was talking about us!

It feels awesome to be taken seriously as a real journalist, and to interview someone who is so excited about getting some press coverage.


Nhat V. Meyer // Mosaic Staff
Gianna Dimick shoots a staged scene for the Mosaic.

By Gianna Dimick // Mosaic Staff Photographer

As I sit in the photography room, surrounded by the pictures I’ve taken this week, I reflect on my first week here. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to sum it all up is, “everything comes in waves.”

The quality of my pictures, the atmosphere in the newsroom, the daily workload, and the energy level and mood that I give off all seem to roll together with the ups, always countering the downs.

Take, for example, the past the two days. Yesterday was the most low-key day I’ve had all week. I had one assignment at 6pm and spent most of the day editing and captioning photos while enjoying the company of the rest of the photographers. Today, however, has been extremely stressful and tiring. Things are not going as planned.

I can’t complain that much though. I have never felt so grateful for the opportunities I have been presented with. I have never gone anywhere else where I have been given this much freedom and the ability to do so much with it. I have never learned so much about photography in one week. I have photographed things that I normally would never have been able to shoot on my own.

Truthfully, I would be perfectly happy for the days to continue rolling by in waves with plenty of ups to outweigh the occasional down.

I never want it to end.