A Shot In The Dark

Ashley Lugo // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Jewel Devorawood gazes into the dark.

By Jewel Devorawood

So far, I’ve been spending most of my days out in sunny San Jose and the surrounding areas. Going on assignments and just trying to soak up some sun before I go back to the city of fog. One of today’s assignments was probably one the most thought provoking ones thus far at Mosaic.

It’s a story that was suggested by Gabe one day when we were walking home from dinner. As we chattered and laughed about some nonsensical topic, all of us totally engrossed in one and another and just being teenagers out at night, we heard from a near distance the peaceful lullaby of a soft spoken flute. We slowed as we walked past a bearded man with a tarnished green flute.  All of us smiled and nodded as a way to acknowledge the scene before us.

As we began to cross the street, Gabe turned to Naib and said something along the lines of “bro that would be a really cool story! That guy with the flute! Talk about on spot news! Go interview him!”

After some encouragement from Gabe and the rest of the group, Naib grabbed me as his “photographer” and walked up to the player.

We waited patiently until he was done playing. We noticed his headphones in his ears and watched as his hands effortlessly played every note. I won’t go into much detail because Naib is writing a feature on this man, but basically he was homeless and virtually content with his lifestyle.

It was fascinating to me to meet someone who was so happy and content with life, yet lacked the bare necessities for life: a roof over his head and constant food in his mouth.

I don’t think I will ever forget the interviews we had with “Walt” or the trip to his “home,” an abandoned bank building. Its funny how we are so wrapped up in our own lives that more often than not we pass by these incredibly strong and resilient people without a second thought.

I realize this blog had nothing to do with photography but I felt compelled to share how this particular story affected me. Not just as a journalist but as a human being.

Until next time blogosphere