Day 11- One more day

Ashley Lugo // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Walter Teng-Tran laughs when another student kicks his leg into the air during another late night in the common room.

By Olivia Lucas // Mosaic Staff Writer

Last week I was saying, “one more day until first draft deadline”. Yesterday, I was fretting, “One more day until print deadline.” Today I’m crying, “One more day until we leave.”

The last two weeks here have just been so incredible! They have been filled with emotion, learning, laughing, writing, fretting about deadlines, excitement, and—not to forget—a lot of eating. Shoutout to Andy, who is now in New Zealand, for taking everyone out to experiment with new foods, like Ethiopian and Jamaican food.

People here at Mosaic are so amazing– not only the students, but also the editors. My editor Sharon is the best! She has helped me develop and grow so much as a writer over the last 11 days. Thanks for taking the time to edit all my drafts (I know I had a lot). I also want to thank the editorial assistants, Magali, Audrey, and Jasna, for driving me and other campers all over San Jose to our interviews. As Elliott said, “This is the one time when I’ll have my own personal chauffer.” Speaking of Elliott, even though the first thing he told us was that he wasn’t really a part of Mosaic this year, he definitely helped make my experience at Mosaic the best! Thanks to Elliott, yesterday, I was able to interview Olympic silver medalist, Shawn Johnson, and the Olympic hopeful, Gabrielle Douglas. Without a doubt, one of the best experiences of my life! Thank You Elliott! Last but not least, none of this would have been possible without Joe Rodriguez. Thank for looking out for us over the last two weeks. I know you’re tough on us sometimes, but it’s only because you want us to be the best we can be and reach our full potential—and oh yeah, to speak up a little louder.

My time at Mosaic has just been so unbelievable and eye-opening. I am so glad I had the opportunity to come! Just because I felt like it, I made a little acrostic, reflecting the last 11 days.

Meeting new people.

Outstanding guest speakers.

Staying up late working on stories, chatting with friends, and playing cards.

Adventuring out of my comfort zone.

Improving my writing, interviewing and reporting skills.

Constantly experiencing what it feels like to be a real journalist!


Building a quality article

By Olivia Lucas // Mosaic Staff Writer

Luckily, things have finally taken a turn for the better. Today what used to be a blank word document is now beginning to look like a quality article.

All things considered, my story is still a ‘mosaic’ in motion.

What I mean is that all the pieces are slowly beginning to come together and morphing into a beautiful piece of art.

As it is, my story is actually about art—more specifically, my story is about how murals have shaped the San Jose area.

Over the last few days, I’ve talked to two very inspiring artists: Paul J. Gonzalez and Samuel Rodriguez. These guys seem to be really prominent artists in San Jose; almost every source I’ve contacted has suggested that I speak to them.

These two artists are so nice!  They’ve put up with my nagging emails (I probably send more than 10 a day) and phone calls. As a matter of fact, everyone I’ve contacted for sources by phone or email has been beyond nice. It’s made my job a lot easier and eased my nerves about contacting sources.

All the friendly and inspiring people I’ve contacted, all the information that I’ve learned, and all the excitement of writing my article has made the whole process quite entertaining.

One more day until the show closes. One more day until deadline.

Day Two Disbelief

Rocio Ramirez listening to the editors.
Ashley Lugo // Mosaic Staff Photographer

By Olivia Lucas // Mosaic Staff Writer

I cannot believe today is only day two!

I feel like I have been at Mosaic for a week now, because I’ve learned so many new things, met so many new people, and done sooo much work.

Yesterday morning, I learned from David Early that the best stories are ones that come from the heart and those that get you caught in the middle of a gunfire.

Yesterday night, when we met with the 2011 Mosaic class, I learned take advantage of the Mosaic experience and to wear flip flops in the showers.

Today, Sean Webby taught me how to spell ‘Jon Smyth’ and also showed me that some interviews can scare the life out of you (he surely scared me in my interview).

While we are learning, we are also working—working really hard.

I’m pretty sure I’ve called about ten different people today trying to get interviews, and I’ve emailed about five.

Things are heating up pretty quickly and the workload is hefty, but I am positive that all of our hard work will pay off when we produce a stellar paper!

In the midst of all this chaos, I’ve also found plenty time to connect with the other campers.

Everyone is so nice and I’ve met so many new people.

On the first day I believe that all us Mosaic campers instantly became friends; everyone keeps reiterating that by Day 12 we’ll all be one big Mosaic family. I truly believe this!

Like I said, I can’t believe this is only day two! Can’t wait for what’s to come in the next ten days!