Not that I’m getting soppy…

Ashley Lugo // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Andy Fang sips from a juice box in the common room.

By Creo Noveno // Mosaic Staff Writer

It’s strange how quickly the days seem to pass – it feels like only yesterday I’d arrived on campus with naught but a shoddily packed suitcase and the overabundant fear that comes with new territory and even newer faces.

Summers spent lazing about in the house and letting my bones turn to dust before I have to pick myself up all over again for the next school year did not prepare me for these two weeks of work, for the weaving paths around downtown San Jose (always in the morning, never in the evening), for the restaurants terrorized by our motley crew when Andy (how we miss thee) and his Yelp gems find us stomaching cuisine we never thought we’d never have the chance to eat.

I was asked yesterday what word I’d choose to describe my stay in Mosaic, and I stole a line from one of the people I’d interviewed for my stories, because I thought of no better (or, admittedly, vaguer) way to put it: it’s been “an experience.”

Mosaic has been an experience – sometimes scary, sometimes amazing, always busy – and it’s one I can’t trade for anything else, nor is it one I’ll probably ever have again, no matter how many journalism programs I enter after this. The first time is always different: the people, the places, the moments. There will be no more water tortures, no more of Andy’s golden lines, no more dinners, no more trips to Quickly’s or bleary eyed mornings (even though I chickened out after like, three) or deadline days that fill the newsroom with dead (and panicked) silence.

I could say that our time in the program could be immortalized by the paper we’re going to see printed tomorrow morning, but I think that may just be a part of what we’ve taken from these two weeks – interviews and time spent as a “professional” journalist (used very, very loosely) are just as important as all those afternoons spent giggling like loons in the lobby. And maybe that’s what I’ll remember best.

Not that I’m getting soppy.



Mr. Wizard working hard on his article.
Margaret Lin // Mosaic Staff Photographer

By Creo Noveno // Mosaic Staff Writer

I’ve never been so frazzled in my entire life.

My brain hurts, which is a good thing, I suppose. If it hurts, it must be working.

The first day opened with a marathon of speakers imparting their words of wisdom to my wide-eyed, bushy-tailed group and left me feeling a little more nervous about journalism – if not a little more excited.

Elliot Almond is incredibly intimidating; David Early looks like a part-time bad ass reporter who moonlights as a teddy bear (I won’t admit how tempted I was to hug him).

Marcos (I fail to remember his surname, my faulty memory will lead to my doom in this profession) spoke with us about our story ideas. I’ve never felt so unprepared about articles before.

Armed with nothing but vague ideas and the prospect of an interview with a multi-Pulitzer Prize award-winning writer, I think I’ll be going home trying not to weep too loudly into my pillow.