Mosaic is a mosaic

Ashley Lugo // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Naib Mian, center, holding his iPhone, is surrounded by fellow Mosaic students as they laugh over a funny video and share good times.

By Naib Mian // Mosaic Staff Writer

Alas, our time at Mosaic has come to a close.

As I walk through Dwight Bentel Hall for the last few times, I try to consciously see everything that made my experience – the newsroom, the kitchen, the hallway with the cockroach, even the bathroom.

I arrived not knowing what to expect about the real world of journalism. I now leave not knowing what to expect about the world outside of journalism.

This experience was a mosaic of a variety of writing, food, and people.

Throughout my time here, I experimented with a variety of writing as well as eating. I wrote three news stories on student involvement in the election, technology in education, and the local effects of the Supreme Court health care decision, an opinions column on patriotism, and a profile on a homeless flutist. On the food side of things, I tried Ethiopian, Jamaican, and a variety of other types of food.

But while an excellent journalistic education was a memorable aspect of Mosaic, I was most struck by the people. My fellow Mosaic writers and photographers are amazing. Diverse in every possible way, each one brought a unique, new perspective or skill. I want to thank them for being the experience. It was an honor to live with such an amazing group of people for almost two weeks, 24 hours a day. I cannot wait to see how amazing these students will grow to be in their careers.

The editors have been an outstanding part of Mosaic. I want to give a huge thank you and one of those really tight, squeezy hugs to Sharon. She persevered through my crazy writing and transformed my articles into great pieces of writing. Her devotion to improving the writing of student journalists is appreciated.

Elliot Almond, although not an editor this year, was an essential part of the experience. He helped us so much through various lessons in the morning and offered me amazing advice when I sent him an article of mine for editing.

I’d also like to thank Darlene, our dorm mom, who took the time to be there for us, tell us everything she could about life, and just engage in conversation. I really enjoyed late night TV, card playing, and gossiping with her.

Our Editorial Assistants were also amazing. Maggie, Audrey, and Jasna were absolutely amazing. They brought us food every morning just to watch it be inhaled by a group of hungry journalists. They drove us to god-forsaken places for interviews. They even toiled through finding Mosaic Alumni in order to survey them. Maggie drove me to all of my interviews, and while she may have been crazy in the car, those were some of the best times.

Lastly, Mosaic would not be Mosaic without our mascot, leader, inspiration, and support – Joe Rodriguez. Joe inspired all of us through his words of wisdom, stories, and way he lives his journalistic life. He taught me so much about the world of journalism and interviewing. He even pressed me to speak up, something I’m thankful for. Mosaic would be impossible without Joe.

I will miss every part of Mosaic, even Washburn Hall, as haunted as it may be. The newsroom will always have a place in my heart, and it pains me to leave my desk, which became my home. But perhaps the greatest place in my heart is reserved for all of the people who made this mosaic what it was.


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