Our Mosaic family: Two weeks already?

Margaret Lin // Mosaic Staff Photographer
Mosaic Class of 2012 sits in the Fairmont.

By Secret Mosaic Blogger

Everybody is talking in past tense as if we’re leaving already.

I know, I know, tomorrow is Friday and we leave at 3. I know it’ll hit me right around the time when we leave, seeing everything packed up and knowing my parents are on the way.

I really hope I don’t cry when I leave, that’d be weird.

This will probably be the last blog I write, and I’d like to say, it was a great experience, one of the best so far.

When they told us we’d be like a family at the end of these two weeks, I didn’t believe it, not for a second.

But now that it’s coming to the end of the road, I truly feel like I made bonds wit

h various people, something I won’t easily forget.

The program itself was a success! Quite awkward at first, I’ve never been away from home and eaten bagels for two weeks straight.

It was a blast. Thanks to everyone that made this happen. Joe, keep up the good work, I’m pretty sure you work hard to keep this program afloat.

I’ll miss everyone dearly, I just want to say it now, I probably won’t say it later.

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