Last days of MOSAIC

Margaret Lin // Mosaic Staff Photographer
The Mosaic Class of 2012 walks through downtown San Jose.

By Silvia Cardona-Tapia // Mosaic Staff Writer

The last days of mosaic have been GOING BY FAST and I can’t believe that tomorrow is the last day. I know I’m going to miss our Mosaic family. This Mosaic class of 2012 is by far the best class of Mosaic EVER! My roommates have shown that they will be there thick or thin, day or night. They will be there crying with you or laughing with you, showing their emotions to you. Tears run down my face knowing that I might not see them a year from now. Joe, our dorm dad and Mosaic director, taught me to be myself, be loud, and ask a lot of questions. I came with an open mind and curiosity about being a reporter, but now I really do think this is the job for me. Thank you Mosaic Class of 2012 for being another family to me. SEE YA NEXT YEAR FOR THE REUNION. SIGNING OFF SILVIA.


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